A challenge was given to us at work to blog about something we collect.  I laughed out loud!  I knew that I would probably be the ONLY one that posted her collection as "Dogs."  But it is true, I collect dogs.  Just yesterday I added 2 to my collection.  That is the total for the week as well, thank goodness.  My overall lifetime total is probably somewhere around 600 dogs.  I am a dog rescuer and this is a snap shot into a day in the life of this dog rescuer.

I would venture to say that I have days like this at least once a week but probably more like twice a week.


Molly:  I loaded her up in my truck early in the morning before I went to work because she was going to a new home later in the day. I try not to make multiple trips since I live out of town.  The potential adopter's apartment manager said Molly was too big so it was a no-go for Molly.  She would go back home with me.

I worked at the job that pays the wage that keeps the heat on, gas in the truck and rescue open.  I love my job!

Throughout the day there were multiple phone calls, emails, text message and Facebook posts regarding dogs that need to be rescued and adopted.


Stealth GSD: There is no photo for him because I haven't seen him yet. He is wondering around 7th Street in Texarkana, stopping in for lunch at McDonald's and Taco Bell occasionally but never when I am in the area. I did a stake-out for a while between meetings and appointments.  No luck on this day though.

Dolly: Now here is the story of the day.  I was headed to my bank--an errand that I have been trying to do for 3 days.  I saw a very skinny dog playing dodge-car near the interstate.  Something built-in does not let me just go about my business.  I had to stop.  For a while we both played a little dodge-car.  I fed her the rest of my lunch trying to gain her trust.  She played you can't catch me for a while...she won.  I decided to call for back up.  Reinforcements showed up with chicken livers, dog food, dog crates, BBQ sandwich and moral support. Although, I know secretly some came by just to see if I was really so crazy that I would be out in a wind chill that must have been in the low teens trying to catch a dog.  It took about an hour and a half.  When Dolly got close enough, I opened the BBQ sandwich and when she dove in, I dove for her.  I got her! And I wasn't letting go. Yes, I know I could have been bitten.  I thought about that but decided she probably wouldn't and if she did, I would get over it.  Kids, don't try this at home--I am a self-trained professional.  I loaded her up and headed to the next stop: the vet's office.

Randi: She is a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) that was a stray in Redwater, Texas. It was time to pick her up from the vet's office.  She went in for shots and to be spayed. Turns out she was already spayed but, there was no way of knowing until they went in of course.  She now has a microchip.  I loaded her up in the back with Molly and headed home.


Black Lab-No Name: I found this one waiting for me at my mailbox.  She's too cute, sweet, fat and well-mannered not to be someone's pet.  With a cold night forecasted I loaded her up in the back seat with Dolly and headed home.  I would search for her owners later.


I finally made it home.  As I pulled into the driveway I saw one of my very recent GSD rescues run by the truck.  He had gotten out of his pen which is something that has not had happened since the first year that I opened the rescue.  No big deal though because he trotted around the truck as I parked in the driveway so I figured he was ready to go inside to eat or go for a truck ride.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen him since.

After multiple phone calls to neighbors about the new dog and the lost dog; then driving around looking for the lost dog and/or the owner of the new dog, I went home to start the feeding process and do the dog-shuffle.  I had to find spots for all of the new dogs and had no idea what to cook for dinner--I had planned to be home 3 hours earlier.

*Muttley Crew Rescue is owned and operated by Mimi Campbell-McDaniel