Emotions run hot and cold after a break up. One minute you love them and the next minute you want to beat them with a "you wronged me" ugly stick. When you are with your friends it is easier to keep your cool. Here is a list of what not to do for those times when you are alone and starting to venture into the out of control state of mind.

Three things not to do after a break up:

  1. Going to his favorite hangouts hoping to see him: This makes you look pathetic. Out of sight--out of mind is so true at this point in your life. Stay away and give yourself time to heal without the humiliation of bumping into him or her and saying or doing something that you will regret later.
  2. Bugging his friends for updates about him. Don't even bring his name up unless it is your best friend and you need to vent. Try not to stalk him on Facebook either. That will only fuel a fire that needs to be put out.
  3. Blowing off your friends to stay at home and wallow. Use your friends, that is what they are there for, right. They are your best support system. Feeling sorry for yourself will only slow down the healing process. You can take about a week to wallow then it is time to get on with your life!

[Source: SheKnows.com and my real life experiences]