Zac Efron celebrated his big 2-6 with some fellow A-list gentlemen. The 'That Awkward Moment' star was flanked by none other than Robert Pattinson and Joe Jonas!

"Zac had a small birthday party at Chateau last night," a source told Us Weekly. "No girls at the table."

Earlier that day, Efron played a few rounds of golf with his dad.

Here's where it may get wonky. Chateau Marmont is the haunt of lots of substance-loving celebs like Lindsay Lohan (pre-rehab, that is). Efron just finished up rehab for a cocaine addiction five months ago, so a hotbed like Chateau Marmont is rumored to be may not be the best setting for a birthday bash. What's more, rumor has it Jonas may be heading for it soon in light of a possible Jonas Brothers breakup and being spotted with a sober coach.

It may not have been all bad, though. Sources told Us, "[Zac] realized he needed outside help. He reached out for it and is doing great now ... he is cutting those toxic people out of his life. [His] friends are happy for him."

Here's hoping whatever fun that was had was good and clean!