The month you are born in can determine what your career path should be. Check out this list and tell us if you agree.

A team from Britain's Office for National Statistics analyzed the birth months of people and found that your birth month could make you statistically more likely to become a doctor or a bricklayer. Here is a sampling of careers likely for each birth month:

  • January: physicians and debt collectors
  • February: artists
  • March: pilots and musicians
  • April: fairly even spread of professions
  • May: politicians
  • June: chief executive officers
  • July: bricklayers, train drivers and artists
  • August: bricklayers
  • September: pro sports athletes, physicists
  • October: fairly even spread of professions
  • November: fairly even spread of professions
  • December: dentists

I was born in December and almost went into the dentistry field, does that count?