Are you sick of punching a time clock or hitting snooze to catch a couple more minutes of sleep before you head to the office? Work from home and earn a decent wage.

According to stats from and, here are the 10 highest-paying freelance jobs you can do from home:

1. Patent lawyer, $112 an hour.

2. Voice acting, $73 an hour.

3. Computer programming, $61 an hour. That's specifically for a programming language called "Ruby."

4. Startup consulting, $54 an hour.

5. Website optimization, $54 an hour.

6. Investment research, $53 an hour.

7. Network administration, $51 an hour.

8. Statistical analyst, $50 an hour.

9. Amazon Web Services, which does cloud computing for companies, $49 an hour.

10. Legal writing, $49 an hour.

Obviously for most of these you will need a degree, experience or training. You didn't think it would be that easy did you?

You also need to be a very structured person to make your own business work. You can't wake up every morning and think of putting things off until the next day so you must be motivated and a self-starter to make sure you work like you are supposed to every day. There isn't anyone else there to make sure you are following the program since you are your own boss.

Lots of people want to work from home but unfortunately they are not diligent enough to be successful at it. There are so many distractions at home that can draw you in the wrong direction. The most successful people who work from home treat it just like going to a job. They get up every morning at the same time and go through the same routine of getting ready. The work area can't be your living room, it needs to be a separate area that keeps you away from the couch and other temptations. Good luck!