You can see the critically acclaimed movie "Knives Out" September 25 at 7 pm drive-in movie style in Hope Arkansas.

All you need to do is come to the University of Arkansas Hope Campus to see the drive-in movie. It will be set up in the large parking lot behind the Distance Learning Building. You just need to follow the signs on campus. Here is the trailer for "Knives Out".

Due to all of the current situation with COVID-19, coronavirus the following cautions will be enforced. All moviegoers will need to remain in their personal vehicles for the entirety of the movie. And proper social distancing will be enforced as well.

Tickets: Admission is free but please consider making a donation to "Hope for All: COVID-19 Relief Fund". Attenders will be able to donate through the UAHT website using their credit/debit cards or by dropping checks/cash in a marked collection box at the movies


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