The virtual Tupac that was all the talk at the Coachella Music Festival is going on the road. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are planning on taking it for a world tour.

The Wall Street Journal reports Snoop and Dr. Dre are working out the details with Digital Domain Media Group, the technology company who created the virtual  Tupac. One of their ideas is to do a stadium tour where a bunch of rappers including 50 Cent and Eminem will perform next to Digital Ghost Tupac. The CEO of Digital Domain told the Wall Street Journal that they didn't use archival footage to create the virtual Tupac. They made him from scratch using a computer, a projector and a thin sheet of glass.

The CEO of Digital Domain promises that this is just the beginning, if there is a demand, many artists that died before their time could become virtual on go on tour. If you have not seen the video you can check it out here . Please be advised it is very NSFW. Could you imagine a tour with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse?