With the maks mandates ending in Texas on March 10 and Arkansas at the end of the month, we wanted to know will you keep wearing your mask or are you done with it?

We asked that question on Wednesday and the responses were all firm on both sides of the issue.

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Power 95-9 Facebook

I think that some good points were made in all of the comments, with just a few exceptions of folks that are allowed to have their opinion but we will leave it at that.

Toni Henry said it best "I think that we all should do what is best for us as individuals". I could not have said it better. If you are in favor of them keep wearing them. If you are done wearing a mask that is your prerogative. But keep in mind that some businesses may still require you to wear a mask, so make sure you keep one handy in case you need to go into one of these businesses.

Tanya Stroman has a very valid point in what governor Abbott had to say about the mask mandate ending on March 10. The governor put the responsibility on each county in the state for them to do what is best for the residents. We have been very fortunate in there Bowie and Cass county are with a flattening of the curve and new case numbers are going down.

The real decision on whether to wear a mask is your choice to make after Wednesday, but please be conscientious of those who choose to continue to wear their mask, They may have reasons for doing it and it is their business.

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