As a child I loved 'Lego's' there was nothing you could not build. I guess they just tapped into the inner builder in me, they became an obsession. I found a story I would like to share with you on why the Lego company is the coolest company ever.

James Groccia of West Boylston, Massachusetts has Asperger's syndrome. And when he was nine years old, he wanted a rare $100 Lego Emerald Night Train set.

His parents wanted to teach him about responsibility, so they told him to save his money.

And James did,for two years. Earlier this year, he finally had enough money saved up. But when he tried to buy the train kit,he found out that Lego had discontinued it.

James wrote a letter to the company to tell them the story of his quest for the 'Emerald Train Set'. And the folks at Lego tracked one down for him, and sent it to him on October 17th,two days before his 11th birthday.

They also included a letter commending James for his willpower and patience.

Check out this video and tell us what you think.

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