A while back we reported on a very cool 'Back to the Future' LEGO set concept, where fans submit their ideas for new LEGO sets in hopes of seeing those sets become reality. And the results are in -- the 'Back to the Future' LEGO set has been approved and is coming next year!

We were really blown away by the 'Back to the Future' LEGO concept created by m.togami and Sakuretsu, featuring the classic DeLorean time-traveling car, Marty McFly (with hoverboard!), and Doc Brown. The concept was simple, and something we just knew movie fans would be thrilled to own.

The folks at LEGO reviewed this project and three others in an extensive process that took months to complete, and the results are finally in -- 'Back to the Future' LEGO set beat out its three other competitors, including a 'Legend of Zelda' set, to make it into the development phase.

Below you can watch a video in which the summer results are announced and you can learn a little bit more about this process and the criteria for approval. The 'Back to the Future' LEGO set will be available for purchase sometime in mid-2013, as soon as they work out a licensing deal with Universal.

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