Texas and Arkansas are states that use purple paint to indicate "no trespassing." If you see a fence or rocks or trees painted purple -- turn around.

Arkansas and Texas are two of 11 states to have the “purple paint law.” The other states are Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Arizona and Kansas, according to an article on awm.com.

While states like Texas and Arkansas have had the law on the books for many years, the question is why? Well, the reason is because the paint is an easy identifier to mean "no trespassing." Plus with the harsh conditions like heat and wind in this area, the color is easy to maintain and "no trespassing signs" may blow away or get damaged in our climate.

The law allows landowners to mark the boundary of their land with the paint and for some ranchers and farmers with larger land tracts, this helps them manage their property lines as well.

And yet another worthy use of purple paint includes the warning of "no hunting allowed" on the property as well.

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