Do you like ice cream? Silly question huh. Who doesn't like ice cream? I guess there are a few that don't, for instance, Wes is lactose intolerant which means we don't want him to have any ice cream. Let's find out if you are a plain Jane vanilla or do you have some sugary surprises mixed into your personality.

This quiz was the best one of the day! I had a blast answering these questions. It was stuff about where I want to live, kid questions, favorite activities, my style, what’s the first thing I do when I get home and a few others to round out the ten questions. This quiz is a multiple choice so there is always a choice and not too much thinking involved.

My results are:

Mimi's Ice Cream Quiz Results

That sounds good to me! I love cookies and cream ice cream. The “quiet and reserved” part seems to be a little off though. Ha!

Take the quiz to see what flavor of ice cream are you?