The Professional Bull Riders are coming to Texarkana in the Touring Pro Division for the Four States Shootout on Saturday, February 25. That means tons of excitement at the fairgrounds in Texarkana. 

The Four States PBR Shootout will be filled with exciting bull ride after bull ride in the Four States Fair Entertainment Building in Texarkana, Ark, on Saturday night. This is a total bull riding only event. Cowboys from all over the United States as well as Spain, Brazil, Canada and Mexico compete in the Shootout for points. Bull rides equal points to the cowboys but that's not what the spectators are thinking about. It's all about arms, legs, hoofs and tails flying through the air as we root for the cowboy to hang on. We have locals from close by communities like El Dorado, Ark. and Irving, Texas that throw their hat in the ring for this competition.

Here's some action from the bull riding event during the 2016 Fair & Rodeo:

Who knew 8 seconds could seem so long. There's a lot of action that happens in those few seconds with the goal to hold on until the buzzer and ride a good ride. Check out the standings of the bull riders in this event.

The doors open at 6PM and the action starts at 7PM. Get your tickets now at Four States Fair online.

What is PBR and how did it get started?

"In 1992, when 20 bull riders from the rodeo circuit came together to give life to a dream they all shared, they never imagined it would so quickly develop into what has officially been declared the fastest growing sport in America – the PBR. The riders pooled their resources - $1,000 each - and broke away from the confines of the rodeo format to make bull riding, the most popular of the seven events in traditional rodeo, a standalone sport."

Let's get pumped up about this action coming to Texarkana!

Call the Four States Fair office at 870-773-2941 for more information.

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