According to, the average amount mom's expect their husbands and kids will spend on them for Mother's Day this year - $24.69. That seems really low but maybe that is just because my Mom's birthday always fell right around Mother's Day so we got combined gifts that were bigger than $25!

The article mentioned a few things moms would really like to receive as gifts: 33% want a trip to the spa. 30% anything handmade by her kids. 28% would like two weeks of house cleaning.

Some things they'd rather not get:

  • Socks
  • Anti-wrinkle cream
  • Easter candy
  • Vacuum
  • Lingerie

Celebrities moms most want to hang out with:

  • Sandra Bullock
  • Resse Witherspoon
  • Jennifer Garner

75% of moms say that they want to spend Mother's Day with their kids, and nuclear family rather than by themselves. 28% of moms say their husbands and kids have completely forgotten to recognize them on Mother's Day.

Source: CafeMom