Leftovers are a reality at my home with two kids. 

With two picky eaters in my house leftovers are always available, but we all know that some food doesn't survive the microwave too well. Chicken gets chewy and dry, fires get soggy, and anything with a bun is usually not even worthy for the dog.

There are some places in Texarkana that do have a dish or two that can actually be better as leftovers. Here are my top five.

1. Osaka Japanese Steak House

We all know Osaka has some of the best sushi, but anything from the Hibachi will be great the next day. Just put in a little yum yum sauce and it will be just as good as the day it was cooked in front of you.

2. Joe's Pizza And Pasta

Pizza from Joe's can taste great the next day. Just make sure to use the toaster oven to keep the crust crisp. Of course any of the pasta dishes will be fine the next day, even there famous rolls taste great warmed up the next day in the toaster oven.

3. Dixie Diner

That down home southern cooking that has made Dixie Diner famous is also good as a leftover. The Salmon Croquet are a great leftover and the tarter sauce that goes with them is the best in town.

4. Brangus Feedlot

Brangus Feedlot Facebook
Brangus Feedlot Facebook

Anyone who has ever bee to Brangus knows that they go a little crazy when it comes to the portions of their food. Not everything is as big as in the picture but their Chicken Fired Steak is one of those leftover meals that will satisfy.

5. China Inn

Well you know Chinese would make the list and the Princess Prawns at China Inn are the go to meal for those who want spicy. And theery are most definitely good or better the next day.

What would you add to the list?

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