Now that we have had time to go through the kids Halloween stash we want to know, what is the weirdest thing you got for Halloween?

I asked the question on Facebook and the answers were pretty crazy.

Halloween comments

Here is a lit that appeared on the website reddit

1. A caramel-covered onion.

2. Cans of green beans and corn.

3. A documentary on the Milwaukee Brewers.

4. Shoe laces.

5. A brisket sandwich.

6. Condoms.

7. Stamps.

8. Dog food.

9. A mixtape.

10. A bar of Lever 2000 soap.

As a kid growing up in Wake Village there were some houses that you just avoided for the fear of what other kids told you they were handing out. The worst thing I got was two long black licorice sticks that looked awful. One of the listeners said they got Ramen noodles, and while that sounds bad, it would be great for my little girl. Here she is slurping up her noodles at my mom's house a few years ago.

What strange thing did you get for Halloween?

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