With Thanksgiving coming up next week I asked Thanksgiving food and here are some of the answers.

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We all know that the turkey and dressing will make the list, but what about the mashed potatoes? The website Mental Floss did a survey and found out what is the most popular Thanksgiving food for every state and the answers are odd, to say the least.

The survey conducted by General Mills looked the most accessed recipes in the month of November and here are the results of this study.

In the great state of Texas, you would figure that turkey would be king, right? Probably fried turkey, but you would be so wrong the winner, chicken spaghetti, yes chicken spaghetti.

In Arkansas, it doesn't get any better. You would think maybe dressing or mashed potatoes, but no chicken and dumplings are the top recipe.

When you get to Louisiana it gets back to normal with cornbread dressing is number one. In Oklahoma, pecan pie is number one.

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