I asked the question on Wednesday. What college football team do you root for and the answers surprised me a lot.

Check out some of the votes from our Facebook poll.

Power 95-9 Facebook
Power 95-9 Facebook

Here are the top 5 vote getter from our poll.

1. The University of Arkansas. By the number of Razorback stickers on vehicles or the number of personalized license plates, we are definitely in Razorback country.

2.The University of Texas. Longhorn fans are here, but they are outnumbered by the sheer number of Razorback fans. But Longhorn fans still have plenty to cheer about.

3.The University of Alabama. The number of Alabama fans kinda surprised me, but when the team is at the top they tend to have a large number of fans.

4.Louisiana State University. There is no surprise here, with Louisiana just a few miles away Tiger fans are loud and proud. Our Boss is even a Tiger fan.

5.The University of Oklahoma. Rounding out the top five Sooner fans have a lot to cheer about with a team poised to make the playoffs.

We all knew that the Razorbacks were going to be in the top spot, but the rest of the list was pretty unique for this area. Other notable teams outside the top five. Texas A&M, Oregon, and Oklahoma State.