Ladies, have you ever wondered why your guy doesn't say anything about your new hair style or why he didn't say a word about how nice you looked even after you worked extra hard on all the details. Find out what he really notices.

We worry endlessly about every hair being in place and making sure that our shoes match what we are wearing and still, he says nothing. Cosmo recently had a story that really put my mind at ease. Guys really don't see the breakout on our face or the makeup faux pas that we discovered after we talked to him endlessly about whatever we could just to keep him talking. That horrible feeling of embarrassment doesn't even need to come into play according to relationship expert Helen Fisher. She says there are things you should and shouldn't be focusing on. If you are trying to get his attention, here is the inside scoop of what he sees.

He won't notice a messy hairstyle.  He will notice if your hair condition isn't great.

He won't notice minor roots. He will notice a major haircut.

He won't notice if you forget to wear lipstick. He will notice if you wear too much lipstick.

He won't notice if you're naturally a bit pale. He will notice if you're way too tan.

He won't notice smudged eye makeup. He will notice red, bloodshot eyes.