With it being early October and the weather still feels like summer, trick or treating and Halloween is the last thing on your mind. Unless you have little kids because they have already picked what they are going to be this year.

The blue or teal pumpkins are showing up on front doors and the meaning behind it is pretty cool.

If you have a child that suffers from severe food allergies, Halloween is not the coolest of things for them to attend. With the possibility of something with peanuts or another potentially dangerous allergy causing ingredients out there, they tend to stay at home.

Now some homes have pledged to offer up allergy-free treats instead. These families hand out toys or other goodies during Halloween. These families mark their homes with a blue, or teal pumpkin on their doorsteps. Kids with allergies know that they can visit safely and get small toys or presents instead of candy.

The 'Teal Pumpkin Project' is a trend that I hope spreads and kids in this area can enjoy some safe Halloween fun.

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