Earlier this week we found out that the Texarkana Water Utilities will be resuming the utility disconnections and penalties for late payments for Texarkana, Arkansas residents on Monday, August 24. But what about the Texas side?

TWU just announced that all the penalties and disconnections will begin for Texarkana Texas residents on Tuesday, September 1

There are exceptions though. If you have been laid off or put on reduced hours due to COVID-19 you can apply for a temporary exemption. You will need a letter from your employer to verify your work status.

According to their website, Texarkana Water Utilities announced in March that disconnections and late penalties were suspended but as with many other municipal utilities the grace period is over. No penalties were assessed for past-due amounts from March through the end of July/August respectively, and payment plans of up to six months are available for accounts in arrears. Customers will need to pay the current bill and a portion of the past-due amount that is acceptable with the customer.

Payment options? Yes, their are several ways to pay including auto-draft, online payments, pay by phone, mail, payment drop box and drive-thru at 801 Wood Street. Please contact Customer Service customerservice@txkusa.org or call 903-798-3800 for assistance. They are stating on their website to contact Customer Service by email to by-pass phone congestion during times of high call volume.

The Customer Service lobby at 801 Wood Street will remain closed until further notice.

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