Vin Diesel delivered an emotional speech at the crash site where his friend and co-star Paul Walker perished in a fiery, one-car, two-person wreck on Saturday, Nov. 30. Additionally, co-star Tyrese Gibson is helping his late friend's parents with the funeral arrangements.

The bald and buff Diesel, who was the yin to Walker's yang in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, thanked fans for the love they showed his friend.

Speaking to the crowd with a police officer's megaphone, Diesel said, "To show the love that you have shown's gonna stay with me forever." He also thanked the assemblage of mourners for "showing that angel in heaven how much you appreciate him."

Diesel was whisked into a car, but not before TMZ asked him where the next installment of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise stands. That's clearly not on the actor's mind, as he said, "I can't even think about anything but the loss of a loved one."

We're glad that he has his priorities in line.

Fellow 'FaF' actor Gibson, who is torn up over the loss of Walker, has offered to help with the funeral arrangements, having met with Walker's parents.

He also posted an emotional note on Facebook about his grief. It was very heartfelt and you can read it here.