Join the Texarkana Museums Systems Curator Jamie Simmons and Board President Velvet Hall Cool as they delve into the lovely, lively world of llamas with crafts and activities devoted to these wonderful creatures.

The ladies will be making macrame, finger puppets, clay molds, and many more activities that are planned to help get us through the month with these online adventures streaming on The Texarkana Museum Facebook page.

Two Old Ladies & Louie The Llama will be September 4th from 2 until 4 PM. This is a great weekend Facebook live series of fun kid-friendly events that the Texarkana Museum Systems has put together for everyone.

Discovery Place Interactive Museum is a fun place to learn about the wonders of life. You can experience their sound wall and musical Tesla coils, and the Tinkering Studio. The Discovery Place Interactive Museum is located at 215 Pine Street in Texarkana.
For more information call (903) 793 4831.

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