Trey Johnson will bring his own unique style that draws from Americana, Blues and Folk music to the stage at the legendary Hopkin's Icehouse.

From the ever classic song the Joneses, to The Ol double Cross, Trey brings his personality and stage show that has folks in the Texarkana area singing along at his performances.

Trey has been a long time player on the Texarkana music scene. Trey's style ranges from pop, and alternative rock to some of the tried and true old school country.

Check out this video of Dave Almond and Trey Johnson performing Joneses.

Trey says that his childhood spent in the Hope, Arkansas area gave him a very eclectic mix of influences in his music career. Trey and a group of friends started a small band called Pail in the late 90's.

The band and its following gave him a chance to stretch his musical chops and gave him a chance to do his original songs, which were well received.

Most of Trey's sets include some acoustic as well as electric guitar and an unmistakable voice that you are sure to remember.

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