The Texarkana Independent School District reminds parents if they want their remote learner children to transition back to in-person schooling they have until September 18 to make the change.

When the pandemic reached our area in March parents were put into a very different situation. They had to adapt to their children being remote learners for the remainder of the school year. With Zoom meetings and Google classroom, students had to adapt to going to school remotely.

With the start of the new school, year parents had the choice to have their children go to school in a traditional manner and if they wanted to, their kids could do remote learning to complete their school work. If your child may benefit from in-person school now is your chance to make the transition. Here is what the TISD school district had to say about making the change.

Are you ready for your student to move back to Traditional On-Campus Learning for the 2nd Six Weeks? If so, you must submit your Student Change Form for On-Campus Instruction no later than Friday, September 18. You can submit online here.
Oo you can print off a hard copy and submit to the campus your student attends.

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