The Texarkana Independent School District will be hosting Aurora Concepts Family Medical Practice for our Back-To-School Vaccination Clinic on Thursday, August 27.
Visits will be made to all TISD campuses from pre k through 12th grade to administer immunizations to students whose parents/guardians have enrolled them in the program.

Aurora Concepts Family Medical Practice accepts the following

Underinsured. If your insurance does not cover vaccines.
Private Insurance
If you have no insurance there is a $5 Administrative fee requested at the time of immunization.

To register for the Texarkana Independent School District 'Back-To-School Vaccination Clinic' please register here.

If your child needs other options and if you meet the requirements for the Vaccines for Children Program, you may be eligible to receive the vaccinations at the Bowie County Health Clinic or Tiger Clinic at Texas Middle School. To find out if you meet these requirements, contact Bowie County Health Clinic at (903)-798-3250 or the Tiger Clinic at (903)-792-6594.

For more information, contact: Heather Spohn, RN, TISD Health Services Coordinator. 903.793.5631 ext. 76516.

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