Today is the kid 50 Cent's birthday (July 6). The charismatic Southside Jamaica, Queens emcee is now 42 years old, and in celebration of the day, Eminem made a video for his longtime friend and collaborator.

After giving him a birthday shout out, Eminem went on to spit his favorite 50 verse, which just so happens to be off of "Places To Go," a track featured on the 8 Mile soundtrack. "Picture a perfect picture, picture me in the paper/Picture me starting shit, picture me busting my gat/Picture police man dey ain't gotta picture of that/Picture me being broke, picture me smokin' a sack/Picture me comin' up, picture me rich from rap/Picture me blowin' up, now picture me going back/To my momma basement to live, shit, picture that/Where I'm from its a fact, you gotta watch your back/You wear a vest without a gat, you's a target jack/Hastle hard, money stack, sell that dope, sell that crack/Sell that pack, sell that gat, sell that pussy, crew are back/50 Cent, too much spent? Man I'm bent, I'm outta here," Em rapped to a tee. He ended the video stating "Yeah, so that made me want to stop rapping—for like, a long time."

Earlier today the seasoned rapper gave himself a personal birthday shoutout on Instagram before reposting the video of Em, writing "I want you all to celebrate my birthday with me ok say (Fuck You 50),then I'll know you see me grinding, making things happen because I'm a hustler at heart. Ok all together now (Fuck you 50)." 50 then went on to remind his fellow rap veteran that he's still his favorite rapper, telling em "you [sic] know your still the best in the world to me man, I love you bro."

Now in his forties, 50 Cent is raking in the dough off his successful Starz series Power, which is currently in its fourth season and breaking records for it's weekly views.

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