Texarkana's "Spring Lake Park" was named a "Lone Star Legacy Park" in 2013, but back way before that, in the year 1541, explorer Hernando De Soto drank from the spring that feeds the lake.

I remember as a kid going to the park to fill water jugs at the spring with my Granny, and thought it had been capped years ago, but was surprised to see the water still flowing from the spring.

Photos by Jeff

To be named a Lone Star Legacy Park, a park must be at least 50 years old and meet at least one of these other criteria:

  • The property represents distinctive design and/or construction
  • The park is associated with historic events or sites
  • The park is associated with events specific to the local community/state
  • The park is home to unique natural features

Spring Lake Park is located on land that was once owned by Anthony L. Ghio from 1887 to 1924. The property was developed and opened to the public. In 1924 the City of Texarkana, Texas christened the property as "Spring Lake Park."

Spring Lake Park has lots of natural features, being built up around the natural spring that cut and formed the small lake from which it gets its name. The park has been an important part of the lives of people from Texarkana, being the many birthday parties, family reunions, and such, or just to take the kids to feed the ducks.

There have been changes through the years, the "Texarkana Horse Track" was located in the park in the 40s, the "Four States Fair" originated at Spring Lake Park in 1945, and in 1960 the Texarkana Zoo was formed.

Photos scanned by Jeff

Spring Lake Park has made many changes over the years with the addition of baseball and softball fields, the Splash Pad, the Frisbee golf course, three different playground areas, the walking trail, and the pavilions for gatherings. But even with the changes that come and go, Spring Lake Park continues to draw people, groups, families, school and church groups, and as a place to enjoy some recreation and relaxation.