Football is big in Texas and according to a story on the Star Telegram the coach for Texas High Tigers is among the highest paid in the state.
When the slight touch of fall is in the air it means the start of football season. As a kid I remembered going to the big Texas and Arkansas rivalry. As a high school student the week leading up to it was one of the most fun times of the school year. Football is a big deal in Texas and the salaries of some high school coaches may shock you.
Lake Travis head coach is the highest paid coach with a salary of $155,156 he is paid $30,000 more than the principal at the school and almost triple what most of the teachers make at the school. The school district is pretty well off and there are not strict guidelines on coaches salaries.

The salary for the coach for Texas High Tigers Gerry Stanford is $125,000 making him tied for the eighth highest paid coach in Texas. When you look at the average salaries across the state it seems in line, but at this salary should there be a performance clause? With Texas High losing this year to the Arkansas High Razorbacks 7 to 0. And Texas high currently having a record of 0-2 and preparing for another tough foe in Liberty Eylau, will they be able to rebound this season?

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