If you are old like I am you remember the old water park called 'Rolling Water' at the skating rink.  Since that park went out of business  Texarkana has always had a need for a new water park.  Now it looks like we will have two options on the horizon. There was a recent story in the Texarkana Gazette about the Mayor of Texarkana Arkansas and his  plan to build a water park on the Arkansas side near the crossroads business park. This park would get money from the city but would be run by a private company. Other than that not too many details have been made public. The Texarkana Texas side is also working on a similar project, but it is being headed up by the local rotary club and is slated to open this summer. The Texas side park, or splash pad is going to be located in spring lake park where the old pool was located.  It will have a natural theme, with turtles, palm fronds, and other animals. The biggest plus for this type of splash pad is that it will be free to use anytime the weather is warm. According to Kelly Mitchell a member of the Wilbur Smith Rotary club "Money is our biggest obstacle, and we're halfway there". Here are a couple of pictures of the proposed Texas side water park. Do you think Texarkana needs a water park?