On Facebook and Twitter people have been sharing recently-posted photos of what has been reported as "secret military exercises for possible martial law situations in the Texarkana area." 

FreedomFighter2127 via YouTube

The website FreedomFighterReports.com recently posted the photos and commentary,

The soldiers are partaking in a drill, and the drill pertains to either locking down the streets for martial law, or drilling to find and capture dissidents in the event of martial law. With no warning of their drilling, or no news announcements, residents could have assumed that they were under attack or that something was going on. Luckily, the resident who captured the images has well-trained eyes and spotted that they are only carrying training rifles which not everyone would be able to differentiate."

Local experts that we contacted report that it was only Arkansas National Guard on drill. Their training facility is located right next to the airport. And since the website posted the story, it has been "blown way out of proportion." A former member of the unit stated that "we trained all around the airport just to have something to do."

However, with the story they share a link to another recent story of Military Exercises with gunfire in the streets of Mena, Ark. Though according to the report, that was no "secret" drill as local law enforcement participated in the exercises."