Aaleliah Dixon who has chosen to use the stage name "Egypt Dixon", packed up and moved to California to chase her dreams as a performer when she won an audition on the new ABC Show "Rising Star". Then made her television appearance, and didn't make the cut!

When most contestants seemed to have sad or inspirational stories about how they have come to this point. Local folks hoping to cast a vote for "Egypt" in the competition, just because she was from Texarkana, frankly seemed put off on social media posts that in the lead-up piece to her performance she seemed to speak negatively of her hometown, saying it is the kind of place that people are "trapped in"... I believe it may have reflected in local voting.

She then proceeded to rap, and not even Ludacris could give her a positive vote. Though her "rapping" needs work all of the coaches still offered encouragement and great advice as the young lady does have a fantastic voice, but as the judges suggested she may want to try singing more and rapping less. We wish her luck in the future and have no doubt she will go far?