HOUSTON - On Saturday evening, a birthday celebration turned deadly when two teenagers along with 19 others were shot.Queric Richardson, 17, and Britnee Segura, 16, attended Morton Ranch High School and were shot at the party of Mariah Boulden. 19 others were taken to area hospitals.

The party was advertised via Twitter but other social media was used to let friends know the date, time and address of Ms. Boulden's house. More than 100 young adults came to the house of Mariah Bolden.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the initial investigation indicates that someone pulled a pistol and fired one celebratory shot into the air and someone else recklessly reacted to the gunfire and shoots into the crowd," said Garcia, a Harris County Sheriff, adding that about 10 shots were fired.

The two men responsible for the shooting are 17 and 22 years old. Garcia says, "We are asking those armed with social media to help the Harris County Sheriff's Office bring closure to this incident. If you, out there, know someone involved in this case … I ask you to use your smart phone and download IWatchHarrisCounty (app)."