The number one thing we are doing as a family is looking for something to do. Whether it is cooking or doing some movie nights, we are always looking for a new experience to help with all of this quarantine business.

I am a big car nut. From the old classics to the new exotics I love cars of all types. I have owned big cars big SUV's even a Jeep and now a small sports car. So when I saw this video pop up I wanted to share it with you.

Do you know that Texarkana has an awesome antique car museum? And did you know that there were some really famous race car guys from the Texarkana area? Parnell Jones and Carol Shelby are from our area and were very influential in the automotive business.

Our local museum shared a video of the current cars in the museum and they have a pretty impressive array of metal for you to check out. From some of the great cars of the '20s and '30s to one of Carrol Shelby's Cobra's you will truly find some great classic cars. Even an El Camino from the '50s.

Check out the video tour on their Facebook page here.

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