The second annual Cooper Tire Car Show will be held at Cooper Service on North Stateline Avenue Saturday September 26 at beginning at 2:00 p.m..

The show is free for spectators and for those wanting to show their vehicles car registration is only $15.00. Registration begins at 12 noon, judging starts at 2:00 p.m., and awards presented at 4:00 p.m..

First place trophies will be awarded for Best Asian Import, Best European Import, Modern Muscle, Classic Car, Mini-Truck, Street Truck, Ford, General Motors, MOPAR, and Best of Show.

If you are curious about entering this or any other classic car show here is a brief summary of the rules that your car will be judged.

In judging, keep in mind that these cars were built to be used and the mere fact of usage should not in itself cause hardship to the owner in judging, provided this usage does not adversely affect the conditions or appearance of the car.

Two examples are:

1. Tires with 50% of their tread used still retain enough tread to be perfectly safe. If these tires have been well cared for, have no cracking, and appear as good as new tires, other than tread wear, there should be no point loss merely due to tread wear.

2. A porcelainized exhaust manifold that has only a couple of very minor cracks should score as high as a newly porcelainized one. One that has a number of cracks should score lower.

Trunks and glove compartments are not to be opened. These areas of the car are for storage of personal items and will not be judged. Rumble seats, however, are to be opened and judged. Some concessions have been made in regard to items which cannot be replaced by original equipment, where replacement items are available that perform as well as or better than the original and do not detract from the appearance of the car.

Examples of this are mufflers, oil filters, and multiple-ply windshield wiper blades. In the interest of safety, all cars are required to have safety glass in all windows and wind wings

Seat belts are allowed without point deduction; also battery cut-off switches if done in a neat, workmanlike manner.There are six items, any of which automatically makes a car

ineligible to compete in any CCCA Nationally or Regionally sponsored judging competition. The six items are:

1. No Underwriters’-Laboratories-approved Fire Extinguisher

2. Non-safety Glass

3. Non-authentic Braking System*

4. Non-authentic Automatic Transmission

5. Non-authentic Engine

6. Replica Body

*Non-authentic Braking System - Exceptions. The conversion of a Full Classic from two to four-wheel brakes is allowed if the added brakes are of the same type and system as the original equipment. Addition of a brake booster is an authenticity deduction.

Before judging each Full Classic, the Team Leader should go through the list of six automatic disqualification items with the car exhibitor to determine if the car is eligible for judging.