On Sunday, Aug. 27, at Scottie's Grill from 1PM to 5PM the entire family can enjoy food and entertainment while helping out a local family in need. This is a fundraiser to help the family of Bradley Todd with medical expenses and living expenses. There will be live and silent auction items to bid on and raffles too.

Bradley was in a bad car accident and remains in serious condition at East Texas Medical in Tyler, Texas. His wife Erica and his children have traveled back and forth to be with him. Erica has not left his side since the night of the accident and has been helping the nurses and staff take care of him since day one. Unfortunately bills don't stop no matter the situation or circumstances.

The $10 cover charge will go to the family and 10% of food tickets during this event will also be donated to the family to help with their expenses. T-shirts are available as well.


This is a heartfelt message from Bradley's wife Erica:

"If I could paint a picture of my husband for the world to see, I would want them to know first what an amazing father he is, everything in his universe revolves around our children...from the time his feet hit the floor in the morning until they rest at night. He is a full time Daddy before anything...before work, before being a husband, before anything... the kids are always his first thought. He never missed a moment that was important to them whether it be a baseball game, dance recital or a tea party in the living room. He would work all day in the 100 degree heat swinging a hammer and still make a point to throw a baseball in the front yard or read Chika Chika Boom Boom one more time. He never missed an event that was important to them. He worked 60 to 70 hours a week most times so that we could afford to pay for sports and dance, and vacations. He is a man of his word, and would give you the shirt from his back if you were willing to earn it...I can't count the amount of times he paid people to do work around the house, not because we needed it done, because they needed the help. He is the friend that you could call at 2am to get you out of a bind. He is a man of his word, and a loyal friend. He is the husband that made date night a priority, the husband that would drive me insane with his head strong ways but also wake me up at 2am to whisper that "I am his entire world". The husband that danced with me in the kitchen at dinner time. The husband that loved my family and would defend them as his own. He is my very best friend. He is my gravity. No matter where life was taking us, he never forgot where he came from and where he wanted to be. He touches the heart of anyone who knows him. That is Bradley."

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