Stoney LaRue highlights the weekend music roundup in Texarkana.

From the great local country acts to the rock and rollers, any type of music you appreciate you will find this weekend.

Fat Jack's. One of Texarkana's most famous dive bars and they have great music every weekend.  Payton Pierce will be there tonight. Jase Bryant will be there Friday night, and Saturday night Jimmy Lewis & The 8 Second Ride will take to the outdoor stage.

Scottie's Grill is just down the road on 67 and the outdoor stage has some great music as well. Friday night Austin Meade takes the stage opening for Stoney Larue late that night on the outdoor stage. Saturday night Landry and Company will be on the patio.

The Four States Fairgrounds has a great show planned for Friday called Turn Up The Lights. The show will feature great music and worship.

The VFW in Texarkana, Arkansas will have a dancing and drinks night with the band Durango on Friday night.

If you know of any local bands playing, please let us know in the comments.


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