The USA Today website has an article on a group in Colorado that wants to ban cell phone sales to anyone under the age of 13..I have two kids under the age of 13 and I would be very against this. Both of my kids spend time on a phone or tablet,but this is not unusual in this day and age. I am not saying it is a good or bad idea, but the thought of this possibly happening in our area makes me a little mad.

A Colorado Dr Tim Farnum , is the founder of 'Parents Against Underage Smartphones' or PAUS wants to ban the sale of cell phones to anyone under the age of 13. This law would make cell phone retailers question the parents on how old will the user of the phone be that they are purchasing.

Dr. Farnum's plan is a long way from becoming reality with his proposal facing quite a bit of resistance. The American Academy of Pediatrics released some guideline for phone use by children and some of these guideline have me concerned.

Their recommendations are no screen time for kids under the age of 18 months, only video chatting. For kids between 2 and 5 limit them to only 1 hour of time a day with supervision. For kids 6 and older they suggest having set limits for screen time and to have  electronic free zones like bedrooms.

I feel like with these guidelines most parents can talk to thier kids and make good choices in regards to electronic usage. But the thought of a law that will be almost impossible to police seems pretty silly.

What are your thoughts?



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