Enjoy a fun-filled show at Silvermoon this weekend. The Comedy of Errors will be a very entertaining and interactive blast for the entire family.

Fun, interactive, energetic, hilarious abridged version of one of Shakespeare's first plays. The Comedy of Errors will begin with an interactive exploration highlighting Shakespearean verse, the characters and the plot of the story of mistaken identity. Come enjoy this show with us as we seek to prove that "Old stuff does not have to be boring!"

According to the press release from Silvermoon Theatre:

What is Comedy of Errors? Well, it all starts with a couple that has a set of identical twin sons and they hire another set of identical twins to be servants to their sons. The mother, a twin and a servant are separated from the father, the other twin and servant in a mighty storm. Many years later after sending his twin off with servant to search out their missing twin brothers, the father, not knowing where the rest of the family is, finds himself in big trouble and pleading for his life. Fortunately, the twins end up in the same town...Unfortunately, they do not know it until they are mistaken for each other and thought to be crazy for all the mishaps. It's a crazy day in Ephesus, come see how the story plays out!

Twenty-two actors, ages 7-16 join this Shakespearean adventure that began March 3rd at our Theatre. We have been joined by Allison Morriss who will co-direct this show with Executive Director, Susannah Linnett. A simple, yet eye-catching set by Josh Morriss and imaginative costumes by Meredith Farren and Diana Morriss will be used.

We would love for you to join us for a show. Tickets are $10 and are available online or at Silvermoon on Broad, 217 W Broad Street.

We strive to bring high quality and family-friendly entertainment to our area and we couldn't do it without YOU. Thank you for your support of these hardworking kids, theatre education, and downtown Texarkana.

Show Times:

  • April 30 at 7pm
  • May 1 at 5pm
  • May 1 at 7pm
  • May 2 at 11am
  • May 2 at 2pm

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