Texarkana country band Relentless will be at Fat Jack's Thursday night.

Relentless is a group based out of Texarkana focusing on Top 40 country music, intertwining some Texas and Red Dirt country as well as some older rock classics.

The band is made up of Tifani Halter, Noe Cork, Duane Torres, and Esteban Torres.
If you are looking for a review of the place check this one out on yelp from an out of town traveler.

"We took a day trip to Hot Springs, Ark., and on our way back decided to stop in Texarkana. The clerk at the hotel recommended Fat Jack's as a good place to grab a bite and hang out. This was a terrific recommendation. Fat Jack's is dive bar and they make no attempt to hide that fact. We were there on a Friday night and I truly believe that we were the only two people who were not locals in the establishment. We ordered drinks, oysters and gator bites. The oysters were nothing short of amazing. I say this as someone who lives in Florida and has had an oyster or two in my day. Our server was super friendly and had a great sense of humor. With the cast of characters in that bar I think she had to :)

"There was a live band playing named "Relentless" and they were terrific. The atmosphere here is what you would expect in a dive bar on the Texas and Arkansas state line.  This place is a lot of fun and the people watching alone makes it worth the trip. I recommend stopping in here having a drink and if oysters are your thing you absolutely have to try them here."

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