Beautiful prom dresses exclusively at Dillard's. These photos were taken during my live broadcast at Dillard's in Central Mall Texarkana. Check out these prom dresses that the gorgeous girls that are wearing.

Your prom is a very special event. Fond memories of that night will stay with you forever. Make sure it is a good one.

Look at all of these dresses makes me want to go to prom!

When you purchase a prom dress from Dillard's in Texarkana you can give your school name to the cashier so that anyone else interested in that dress will know that someone from that school has already purchased it! You don't want to have someone else wearing the same dress that you are at prom.

Prom Dress Fashion Show

Part 1:

Now is the time to schedule your makeover to get you ready for your prom. Clinique is scheduling makeovers for your special day now. It is also gift time at Clinique. Get a special bag of goodies with purchase.

Clinique Video

There will be more photos added to this blog so please be sure to check back. I also have a video of the fashion show that will be added as soon as I get it uploaded.

Dillard's in Central Mall, 903-838-6591