If you didn't get to see One Direction's movie This Is Us while it was in theaters or maybe you did, and you just want to watch it over and over again you're in luck.  The film, directed by Morgan Spurlock, is coming to Blu-ray in December in a variety of different versions, including an "Ultimate Fan Edition."

Depending on which package you buy, you can get both the standard version of the movie, as well as the "extended" edition that played in theaters briefly and included additional songs and extended scenes.  There are also two "mini-movies" that have only been shown at One Direction concerts, the music video for "Best Song Ever" and a bunch of new featurettes on a variety of topics, including:

--Each member of the group visiting friends and family in his home town

--The group visiting a Japanese radio station

--The group visiting Madame Tussauds wax museum

--A look at what the guys do before a show

--A look at One Direction fans

One Direction: This Is Us arrives December 17.  The group's new album, Midnight Memories, is coming at the end of November.  On SoundCloud, the guys have just premiered a 16-second clip of a new song from that album called "The Story of My Life".