Imagine visiting the local mall to buy some new jeans, turning a corner and seeing One Direction performing "What Makes You Beautiful"...for free?  That's what some lucky shoppers in London experienced on Thursday, according to U.K.'s Daily Mirror.

The paper reports that group members Liam Payne and Niall Horan showed up at London's Westfield Shopping Centre and performed an impromptu gig.  Niall, in sunglasses and a baseball cap, played guitar while Liam, in a gray top and track pants, sang all the vocal parts of "What Makes You Beautiful."   Since nobody in a YouTube video documenting the event is seen shrieking or screaming, it's possible that many shoppers just thought it was a couple of random teens goofing around.

Meanwhile, in other 1D news, the Mirror reports that group member Louis Tomlinsonhas put his Porsche up for sale on eBay, and he's already received a bid of more than $50,000 from a wealthy guy who wants to buy the car for his daughter. Here is the video of the Impromptu Performance.  Most Of It Was Shot Sideways But If You Turn Your Head It Looks Fine.