It's your worst nightmare, you are sitting on your couch watching a movie, you hit pause while you run to the bathroom and when you return there's a rattlesnake sitting on your spot on the couch.

Snakes on a Plane, Snakes on a Couch?

I don't like spiders and snakes but that absolutely creeps me out just thinking about it. Did you see the movie "Snakes on a Plane? Well, a similar incident happened to a Decatur, Texas man Jacob Gamble in North Texas last week while he was watching the Dallas Mavericks NBA playoff game on his outdoor patio. His family went inside briefly to eat and when they came back outside they discovered the rattlesnake sitting on the couch hissing, rattling, and staring him down. He posted a video of the unruly snake to a North Texas Facebook group and the video quickly went viral.

Gamble said he's been living in Decatur which is located just northwest of Fort Worth for about three years and that has never happened before, according to a report on WFAA-ABC/TV. Unfortunately, the snake met its demise and was killed and properly disposed of.


It's ironic that the snake was sitting in front of a pillow that had the words, "Live the Life you imagined," this is not the life I want to imagine. I have personally found a snake coiled up at my backdoor before and I got surprised with one in my kitchen one time, thankfully it was not a venomous snake, but still.

I guess there is a first time for everything, hopefully, that will be the last. No more digging around for loose change in the couch anymore for me!

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