As more and more theaters slowly begin to open around the country the big question still remains when will Cinemark Movies Texarkana reopen their doors. In the last report, you may remember it was supposed to happen around mid-July.

Well, that still remains to be true according to their corporate offices. However, there will be some major changes and new guidelines that moviegoers will endure due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For one, Cinemark theaters plan on continuing social distancing in its theaters but the one thing it will not do is require guests to wear masks, outside those areas where it is required. However, you will be encouraged to wear one if that is. your choice, according to TheWrap.

Other safety guidelines will include extensive cleaning and sanitation of theater seats every morning and after each show, high touched areas, hand, and seat sanitizers will be provided plus less physical interaction between guests and the box office and concession stands which will now feature plexiglass screens for safety measures. Movie showtimes will be scheduled at various times in order to minimize larger crowds.

With major summer blockbusters set to be released the goal of Cinemark is to begin reopening its theaters in phases beginning on June 19, with the hope of having all its theaters reopened no later than July 10.

The first summer blockbuster to be shown in theaters is Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Do you think it's too soon to reopen theaters? Will you feel safe going back to the movies? Will going to the movies become a thing of the past? I hope not because I love going to the movies, personally.

The verdict is still out on this one but one thing is for certain, only time will tell.


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