New Year Resolutions. Do you have any?

Do you remember any from last year? I do. I wanted to have a clean sink every night before turning in. That didn't quite come to be but close, several times. It was also revived in November and I can happily say that when I left for work this morning I had a clean sink. My husband and the kids are at home this week so I imagine there will be cups and bowls hanging out in the sink for a while today but that's okay. As long as they are put up before bedtime.

I am also on a quest to become more organized. Seems that the years have eaten away at my organizational skills and paper is taking over my world. I have started a new way of thinking. I want to go digital on as much as possible. Utilizing Google Docs has helped me get started. I also use my Galaxy Tablet to scan vet bills, records and other important rescue documents then send them to be filed in Google Docs. I saw some new gadget on TV that scans everything from business cards to bills. It even organizes the information. That may be my next new techno toy to help me get better organized. Have you ever heard of it? I believe it is at

My other resolution will be to spend more time with family. I am a 'do-er' so I am constantly adding more stuff to do to my list so this will be a big challenge for me.

According to a recent survey of 15,301 adults by FranklinConvey, 35 percent will have their resolutions fail by the end of January, and only 23 percent will make it to the end of the year with their resolutions in tact.

Forty percent of those polled attributed their inability to follow through with their resolution to having too many other things to do, while 33 percent blamed their failure on never being that committed to resolutions in the first place.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

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