Do not drink and text. A new app saves you from texting while drinking. Texting under the influence of any type of sedation medication can have the same effects of drunken texting.

You’ve been there before. You have a great time, maybe even a wild weekend but there are a few things you are worried about because you sent some texts that you wish you didn't. Or you had a bad headache and finally tried that pain pill the doctor prescribed for you and BAM! You are loopy and reaching for your phone. Sleeping pills have also been the cause of many shameful texts.

If you're the kind of person who has the impulse to type away when inebriated, then you probably would be interested in a new iPhone app called the Textalyzer. It helps keep you from sending those regretable text messages.

The app lets you create a "Forbidden List," giving you reminders not to send texts to certain people. The app forces you to complete a series of eye-hand coordination games before you can send a text to the people on your list. If you don’t pass the test, you can’t send the text.

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