Don't scream, but there's a party of five waiting for you in 'Grey's Anatomy' season 9. Yes, horrible, horrible puns aside, it seems that one-time TV darling Neve Campbell is dipping her toes back into the televised waters, gearing up for a multiple-episode stint on the ninth season of ABC's long-running medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy. But who might the Hollywood starlet play, and could we have heard about her character before?

Derek Shepherd, meet your sister. Assuming you've never met her up to this point, of course. TVLine has announced exclusively that 'Scream' and 'Party of Five' star Neve Campbell will return to TV for 'Grey's Anatomy' season 9 in a multi-episode arc. Campbell will portray one of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)'s previously-mentioned sisters, but which?

Considering we've already met Derek's sisters Amelia and Nancy (played by Caterina Scorsone and Embeth Davitz, respectively), Campbell could play either Derek's previously-mentioned therapist sister Kathleen, or the final sibling about whom very little had previously been revealed. Certainly, Kathleen seems like an appropriate option, given the climactic plane crash of late seems to have damaged Derek's hand enough to throw his surgery future into question, for which a therapist might be useful.

What say you? Are you excited to have Neve Campbell back on the small screen, or will another go with Patrick Dempsey be as big a disaster as 'Scream 3'? How much longer do you think 'Grey's Anatomy' should go on?