The streaming service Netflix, you know the one we all love, is testing out commercials. 

Netflix is the staple when it comes to binge-watching TV and I for one have an issue with this. When the news was first announced I got a little mad. We all watch shows on Netflix and have enjoyed them commercial free.

I dug a little deeper through some social media posts and here is the deal. They are really not commercials, just promos for the other shows that are on or coming up on the service. These promos play between episodes of the shows you are watching and some viewers are not happy.

One viewer says that he has seen the same promo 5 times and to be honest it kinda goes against the whole premise of the binge-watching experience. For right now it is only being beta tested in a few markets, and I hope with all of the uproar they will see this is a bad idea and drop it before people decide to drop them for the unwelcomed interruptions

What do you think of the promos airing on Netflix between episodes? Let us know in the comments.


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