So, Louis Tomlinson has accepted the impending reality of fatherhood, but how does he actually feel about the prospect? The dad-to-be has finally weighed in.

In an interview with STV Glasgow above, the One Direction member's asked how he's handling the idea of welcoming a son or daughter into the world, and if there's a single shred of reservation, it's tucked behind an expert poker face.

"I'm very excited," he says in the clip. "It's gonna be really nice [to spend some time with the baby]."

And while the pop star's home life will soon undergo a drastic change, he insists 1D's upcoming album won't stray far from the sound fans have come to know and love from the foursome.

"The sound, itself, isn't too different, I don't think," he says. "I always try new, different buzzwords for each album, but it's just the same every time. We say 'different, more mature, edgier,' so you're probably just gonna have to wait and see. We're not very good at describing."

In July, rumors began circulating that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth, a Los Angeles-based stylist, were expecting a baby together, a fact he confirmed in August on Good Morning AmericaPeople reported that Tomlinson's been looking at properties in Southern California so that he can be closer to his child.

Surprised Louis sounds ready to take the bull by the horns? Share your thoughts on his interview in the comments.

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